Saturday, September 22, 2012

Great Courage in the Face of Danger

Valor is a word that has been strong in nature but unchanged in definition throughout history, a word that has retained a complex but simple meaning: Great courage in the face of danger.
So valor is an action of character, an outflow of a person's beliefs. A person who believes strongly in something and is willing to defend it or its cause against all odds and even death is a person of valor, a valiant. This characteristic is built into all God's creations, and from animals to humans, one can always find examples of valor. Many of these examples can be found all throughout history, from warriors and kings to men and women of every day life. Perhaps some of the best examples of valiant men can be found in Scripture, God's Word. Men such as David, Moses, Elijah, Joshua, Paul the Apostle, John the Baptist, Gideon and of course Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah. All these are biblical models of valor, great courage in the face of danger. When I began the idea of making this blog I set two things before the Lord: What should I name the blog and what should I write about? After long thinking the Lord put it on my heart: Among the valiant. But why that title? Because that is what I want to be, Among the Valiant. I am only 19 years old, I am homeschooled and live in the farm and country land of Michigan. But as a God fearing teen and young adult there is one characteristic that has been long missing from this generation of young men: Valor. Our young men are lacking great courage in the face of danger. I long to see this character value restored to our generation, to see these young men become become valiant, willing to stand and fight for what is right and true. Someone once said that the Church is always one generation away from extinction. This is true because the next generation has to be willing to carry on the Church, without valiant men the Church will be left without a body. Thus this generation has to be raised up to be counted among the valiant. That is what we do here, this is a meeting ground for young men who want to learn or help others know what it means to be righteously valiant. All young men are free to share their thoughts and perspectives on valor, to encourage one another in it. And no matter who you are your input is invaluable, speaking into the lives of other young men. Just as David rallied valiant men around him so here we rally young men who are hungry to be counted Among the Valiant.

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  1. VALOR is a lost art today. In a world of feel good Christianity men have lost the courage to be counted amongst God's Holy Warriors. We are facing a battle in this generation....a battle to take back this generation for the Mighty One.

    May other young men see this and be inspired to become counted among the VALIANT.