Monday, December 3, 2012

Different shapes of Valor

Valor can be found on many levels, even on the grounds of kid fun! These photos are of my friends and I during some airsoft games. Our enjoyment in these games come from the use of good long range airsoft carbines, strong tactical teamwork, and good simulated combat realism. The more serious it gets the more fun we have, and that kind of fun even comes from a little bit of mature humor. We all have different capabilities and even group 'call signs' or nicknames. Starting from the right in the top photo is Groundhog, Marine, Priest (Me, with the small white patch on the back of my flak vest), 2Tall, Gunny, and Bossman. In the bottom photo, from the left, is Priest (Me in the Desert Camo), Laddie, The Kid, Pantha Man, and Bossman.

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